My name is Heather Turner and I am a freelance editor.

Professional editing is a lucrative business. In fact, at the drop of a Google search, you can find any number of editors to go through your manuscript and charge somewhere between $0.008 / word up to $0.05 / word for editing. For those who are not math-inclined, that means $640 to $4,000 for one 80,000-word manuscript.

I offer reasonable rates for reasonable people. My clients are authors who can’t afford exorbitantly priced “professional editing,” but still have great stories to tell. I offer proofreading and, for manuscripts that need a bit more attention, copy editing too. That isn’t to say that I won’t look for ways to improve your paragraphs, clarify your story, or make your manuscript fit a consistent and intelligible style–quite the contrary.

Heather Turner proofread my novel Forever and for Keeps, and it was the best proofread I’ve ever had.
— Jane Lebak, author of The Boys Upstairs

For the sake of clarity, let me define my editing service: I will study your manuscript for style, consistency, and especially grammatical errors. Sometimes I will make comments about the flow of the plot. Sometimes I will point out how many times your characters took the same emotive action. But I will always be ruthless about commas.

If you’re interested, please submit your manuscript.

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